About - Surf Fire Island
Otis in the light

     Surf Fire Island began as a "surf report" (2009) when a yellow labrador named Otis joined our family.  We got Otis from a family who didn't have the time or energy to keep up with his inquisitive and athletic nature. Otis had never seen the beach before we brought him home.  I will never forget the look he gave me when we first got to the beach all those years ago.  He was almost saying "thank you" to me with his eyes (he then proceeded to run away and tried to find dead crabs to eat!)

      So basically every morning since that first trip we have been going to the beach to see  the sunrise and check the waves.  During this time I got into photography and started taking pictures of Otis with the sunrise.  Before you knew it, surffireisland.com was born.    I did a surf report for a while but today I am more motivated by the beauty of Fire Island.

     This site is dedicated to Otis and the natural wonder that is Fire Island N.Y.  Otis is always there each morning, motivating me to get out of bed.  Fire Island has shaped who I am and it will always be home, no matter where I end up.  I hope this site inspires you to enjoy all the wonders that Fire Island possesses.  

All photos are for sale through smugmug.  I pride myself in producing unique compositions and being able to capture moments.  I still struggle with the whole photographer or surfer problem.  I want waves first it seems a lot of times..but I also feel the pull of taking photos.   Fire Island produces such unique moments and no two days/swells are the same…in my opinion.